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What is Data

What is data By Amrit Basic Concept Explainer?

Data:- Information in raw or unorganized form (such as alphabets, numbers, symbols, images, audio, video) refer to or represent, condition, ideas or object is called data.

Data is all around us, it can be anything which is in raw form. it can be qualitative as well as quantitative

For example:- total no of sales this month is 250 

There are more than 1 billion students in the world, your age, favorite color all is the example of data.

Data information knowledge and wisdom are closely related concepts but each has its own role and meaning.

Data, when analyzed, become information and when further that information is shared with others that become our knowledge and when knowledge is applied in real life that become our wisdom 

Data can be of two types:-

1 Primary data:- Primary data refers to that data which has been collected for the first time and has not been published anywhere else in any other form such as in a newspaper, books, internet, article etc.

2 Secondary data:- Secondary data refers to that data which is collected by someone else or who is someone other than the user or which is already been published or made available in any form say text, image, video, article, magazine etc.

Sources of data collection:-

Primary data can be collected through surveys, Questionnaire, observation, Interviews etc

Secondary data can be collected from books, magazines, articles, census data, reports etc.

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