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Book summary of “The power of positive thinking”

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Book Summary of The Power of Positive Thinking | Amrit Classes

The book Power of Positive thinking by “Norman Vincent Peale” focuses on telling people that the road to a successful life begins with the belief of people.

Anyone can do anything very easily if they have some control over their mind.

To start any work, starting it with self-confidence is the best option. People should have a belief in them that the work they are going to do will take them to their desired goals. And believe me, this belief will turn the work easier many times.

Imagine that you are going to join a new job, and you are feeling negative about how you will manage in between those new people, you are just not feeling good by imagining that situation, actually, you are setting the base for that situation to happen.

Whatever you think in your mind, you automatically start your actions accordingly. This is the actual power of thinking.

You can make the process of achieving goals very easy by visualizing your goals, you will even get to know about the problems you can face while achieving those goals. After having an idea of the problems, you can find the solutions to them even before starting the process.

Everyone wants to be liked by others, but they do not know the trick to do it, and that is, take care of others, and others will take care of you. As simple is explained by the author in the book, to be loved by others, love others.

Whenever you are in a problem and are not able to get over it, you put the blame on god why god has given that problem only to you, but that is not the case. There are thousands of people in the world who are suffering the same problem as you, and many of them are tackling them very nicely. It is just your thinking process which is letting you think about this type of bad thing.

Your attitude and thinking towards your problem is a major factor towards solving that problem. Having a positive attitude and thinking will help in solving that problem. Positive thinking also maintains our mental as well as physical condition.

The author says it all the time that our mind and thinking are the things that help a human being to grow in life. Being positive towards everything, having faith in ourselves is the key towards a successful and happy life.

Top Quotes by the Author from the book the power of positive thinking.
Top Quotes from Power of Positive Thinking.

Top lessons to learn from the book The Power of Positive Thinking Are

  • Self-belief can make any work easier.
  • You can make others care about you just by caring for them.   
  • Worrying is an option, not a necessity.

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